Monday, August 24, 2009

Selective Hearing....What?

I had an appointment today with an ENT, an Ear Nose and Throat Physician. Interestingly, in my life, so much is always mind body connected. Dr Katz and I had a chat about the hundreds of rock concerts I have attended, and how my daughter Julia tells me that I cannot hear her as well as I used to.
The doctor popped me right in to meet with Judy, the audiologist, who checked my hearing. No preparing for this test. I hear the faintest of tones first in my right ear, then in my left. I know I missed a few, but turns out, basically, that I can still hear. Cheers to that.
Here is the thing, however. While I have lost some of the most high tones, the kind doctor told me, will make it just a tiny bit tougher to hear small children or women with very high voices, that I am basically ok. He warned me to wear earplugs to the concerts or I might actually lose my hearing.
My daughter, Julia, had been urging me to have my hearing tested. I think this is frustrating for her that there is no simple answer to this one. She says that I pretend I know what she is saying. The truth is, my sweet voiced girl says things and I hear something else, and sometimes respond to the wrong thing I think I hear. She is soft spoken and has a somewhat high voice, though not tinny or squeaky. Why don't I hear her?
What would I ask a hypnotherapy or therapy client? What don't you want to hear? What is your mind shutting out, since the problem is not malfunctioning ears? I'll be asking myself that, and, meanwhile, paying extra special attention to everything that Julia says to me. Yes, she is that special.

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