Sunday, August 25, 2013

Crosspost from Kenyon Farrow - 50 Years After the March On Washington and Still Fighting for Jobs and Freedom

It is hard to believe it has been 50 years, on August 24, since Martin Luther King Jr and so many others risked their lives to further civil rights in America.  Please read this pieceKenyon Farrow talks about keeping this from being a pop culture happening, and remembering there is still incredible need to fight for freedom for all. Farrow contends that, in many ways, civil rights have been rolled back, and that "there are many struggles we'll be carrying into the future."


Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Immune System is an amazing thing - but once in a while we turn into the goose

We all seek balance in our lives.  Sometimes it eludes us.  Recently, I've had more responsibilities put upon me.  My dad is sick, work has gotten busier, and I think it begins to take a little more energy to balance it all.  Sometimes the balance tips and a body needs a rest.

I know, from being a mind body spirit practitioner, that all are connected, but just like my clients, I forget, or think I am immune to immune suppression due to overwork and stress.  The spirit is strong, but the body needs a break!  Well, none of us are immune.  Rest that body, let go of stress as much as you can, and get help letting go of stress that is daunting to duck. 

Well, we can duck and duck and duck, but once in a while, it is duck duck goose.  We turn into the goose.  We need rest to become human again.  Get some rest!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Crosspost from Gretchen Rubin - Clean Desk = Inner Calm

Do you keep a cluttery desk, or cluttery home life?  I have found that when I know what needs to be done, and basically keep everything in its place, I can relax and feel calmer, even if I have not yet completed tasks.  They line up in my mind's eye and I know when things need to be done, and what I need in order to complete those tasks.

When my desk looks like a volcano, I know that everything is there, but things are harder to get to and that causes me some angst.

Please take a look at this quick piece from Gretchen Rubin, posted to LinkedIn, on decluttering your sacred space in order to find inner peace - really!