Sunday, July 11, 2010

Droid - Ignorance Is Bliss

I had the opportunity to help my daughter pick out a new phone. She opted for the Droid with Verizon service.

While we were shopping, we looked into all of the features that smartphones have available. One of the most shocking to me is that parents can purchase phones for their
kids with a gps feature that allows the parent to know where their child is at all times. Once a kid is a bit older, do you really want to know where they are ALL the time? I am going on the record. I don't.
(image courtesy of The Telegraph, UK)
The phrase "ignorance is bliss" really has something going for it, sometimes. I can understand that a parent of a 10 year old needs to know, or at least wants to know where their child is. It is their duty, within reason, to keep that child safe and teach the child safety.

But a college kid? A 20-something? Give me a break. Even a high school kid needs some privacy. This takes helicopter parent to a whole new level. I would rather home school my kid than put a tracking device on them and send them out into the world. And believe me, I would rather send them out into the world.

Whatever happened to letting them make their way, and they will find their way home? What about the old saying - if you try to hold sand too hard in your hand it will sift its way out.

Can't there be some happy medium? How about teaching kids limits so they can test them, make mistakes and know what a huge cliff or hole is so, hopefully, they won't step into it. Further, what about learning? If we spoon feed everything to them, will they learn best? Our learning styles are unique to each of us. I learn best by rote - in other words, by doing. Will kids learn if they don't get to do? Some will and some will not. Let's give them a chance.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Vacation Time

(image - Banksy's Wet Dog)

Just got away last weekend for some much needed R&R, and to enjoy hanging out with family. It was a chance to catch up with a good book (Anthony Boudain's Kitchen Confidential - so much fun i was laughing out loud!), some sun (sorry, Sharon - I might have incurred a little sun damage but soaked up some much needed vitamins!), some good cooking (spaghetti with red sauce and italian sausage, quinoa with a million veggies, and some tuscan cured meats and mozzarella and a fabulous but inexpensive Gavi - yum!) and, of course, the wonderful 4th of July fireworks. My sis has a place with a roof deck, so we had a great view.

Mostly, vacation time was a chance to try and sleep past 5:30am and stay up past 10:30pm. Mission accomplished.

Here's hoping you can get that rest and replenishment you need in these steamy summer days!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Forensic Hypnosis

What is forensic hypnosis? It is the process of utilizing hypnosis to access your own mind to remember something that that you have forgotten, but that you know is in there.

Down the shore watching a rerun of House. He has amnesia and is being hypnotized so he can remember something important that he has forgotten. It was so nice to see hypnosis portrayed in a positive light. He simply remembered what he needed to, without any negative posturing in the script, or lack of belief. It is what it is. Hypnosis can work when you need to remember something.

One caveat - if there is something significant you may have forgotten, it is often the mind protecting you from something you may be better off forgetting. This is a complicated discussion better left for another blog, or, even more carefully, a discussion with a professional you trust! An even more complicated discussion revolves around repressed memories and false memories.