Saturday, July 10, 2010

Vacation Time

(image - Banksy's Wet Dog)

Just got away last weekend for some much needed R&R, and to enjoy hanging out with family. It was a chance to catch up with a good book (Anthony Boudain's Kitchen Confidential - so much fun i was laughing out loud!), some sun (sorry, Sharon - I might have incurred a little sun damage but soaked up some much needed vitamins!), some good cooking (spaghetti with red sauce and italian sausage, quinoa with a million veggies, and some tuscan cured meats and mozzarella and a fabulous but inexpensive Gavi - yum!) and, of course, the wonderful 4th of July fireworks. My sis has a place with a roof deck, so we had a great view.

Mostly, vacation time was a chance to try and sleep past 5:30am and stay up past 10:30pm. Mission accomplished.

Here's hoping you can get that rest and replenishment you need in these steamy summer days!

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