Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Meditation Practice begins Friday evening, Jan 6 in Bergen County with Mary Beth

Meditation Training
Learn to quiet your mind and turn inward for many physical and emotional benefits.  It is okay to be a beginner or a skilled meditation practicioner. 

Ongoing First Friday of the month – call ahead to register.  ($20 per session or $80 for all five in advance).  Call ahead to register 201-394-2319 or
7-8:30pm, Jan 6, Feb 3, March 2, April 6, May 4

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Series with Mary Beth

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
Everyone feels stress. You will learn the tools needed to diffuse, cope with, and avoid it. Channel energy otherwise spent on stress into positive energy in order to achieve abundance, happiness, and health. ($20 per class or $70 for all four in advance).  All classes held at my HoHoKus office.  Contact me to register at 201-394-2319 or
4 sessions
Fridays  6 – 7:30 – Jan 27, Feb 3, Feb 10, Feb 17

Monday, December 5, 2011

Making friends with yourself - let go!

Recently, and, actually, quite often, my clients come wanting to improve relationships with others. Good relationships often elude us. With many of us, it is often apparent that the relationship most in need of mending was relationship with self. How do we make friends with ourselves?

Are there people in your life who I call untouchables, meaning people with whom you forgive all and almost always employ understanding?  The upside to this type of behavior is that you already know how to forgive, to let go. Try pretending that you are one of those people. After a while, if something is for your benefit, the result could very well be lasting.   The downside of this behavior is that we sometimes stuff down feelings rather than feeling them, coming to terms with them and then letting go.  You will know which you are doing by your feelings. If you feel good, you have let go.  If you do not feel good, you are probably stuffing.

Why is letting go a good idea?  Sometimes we are conditioned to want retribution, or understanding, love, compassion or an apology. You might  never receive these from some others. They just might not be capable, or, they don't understand that they have wronged you.  More good news - you are capable of understanding, of forgiving and loving yourself. You know how you feel. Practice compassion.  Begin with yourself.

Try saying this short phrase: "even though I (whatever is upsetting you about yourself), I completely forgive and unconditionally love myself at this moment in time".   If you want to, you can put your hands over your heart as you say it, or even hug yourself.

You don't need to sustain the feeling - just say it. At first it may be foreign or feel like a lie, but keep it up every day for 21 days. Many studies say that it takes about three weeks to break a habit and start a new habit.  Maybe it will take you a bit longer, but hang in there.    Won't it be worth it?  Just in case you are not sure, the answer is yes!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Twelve Blessings for a Wonderful Holiday Season

I was recently quoted by De'on Mallory, Fashion & Culture Writer, Stylist, Personal Shopper & Image Consultant, in the December issue of Bergen County, NJ's 201 Magazine about staying healthy and happy during the holiday season.  De'on's article lists a number of good tips for staying happy during the holiday season.  I enjoyed speaking with her when she was first putting the article together.  Here are a few tips for health and happiness, some from De'on, some from me.  I've also quoted Nutritionist Joy Bauer, and author and medium Karen Noe.
1. Put yourself on your own list - take care of yourself - no one else is going to do it for you!  You are in charge of your wellness.  This is my number one rule!
2. Schedule yourself so you can pace yourself.  Plan ahead and you'll know what you need when, and who is showing up.
3. Don't worry if the unexpected will pop up - it always does!
4. Keep and extra generic gift on hand - you will probably need it.
5. De'on says - take time to feel good on the outside - it is okay to look great!
6. Most of of say to stick to your budget - you'll feel better after the holidays.  Let's try and listen this year!
7. Joy Bauer, Nutritionist, says though it is hard to stick to a diet during the holidays, allow yourself one of each good thing - one drink, one of each of the appetizers, one dessert.  Though you may still indulge a little bit more than usual, it will give you some guideline for saying no and keeping in check, even while indulging yourself.
8. I always suggest that we take time to decompress and have a little quiet.  The holidays can be pretty frenetic.  Soft music helps, meditation and just breathing helps too!  How about taking a quick 10 minute quiet time - a little self-imposed time out.  Lay down, turn off the lights, close the door, turn everything off, just for a few minutes.  Alternately, get outside and breathe the fresh air for a few minutes.  Sunlight helps too.
9. Plan on a little altruism - giving makes us feel good. If you can't give money or gifts, give of your time.  Help out at a soup kitchen, or donate just a few canned goods.  It will help you get into the spirit of the season. Or, just reflect your love and blessings to others.
10. Remember, the holidays can be bright and sparkly, but it can also through some of us into a down mood.  We remember the people we miss who are no longer with us.  These times are milestones that sometimes cause us to look back and bring up old regrets.  We can only start from the present moment.  Go ahead and have your cry, but remember that today is a new day and we have a new chance to make our lives exactly the way we want to, starting from right this moment.  Envision exactly how you want to be, how you want to feel.  Imagine feeling that way, and it will actually help put you in that frame of mind and heart.
11. Accept help from others.  Whether it is monetary help or just help around the kitchen, say yes!  Make a list of what you are grateful for, who is in your life and the good things about them.
12. My talented friend, author and medium Karen Noe, suggests that we reflect on our lives and the people in it, and imagine what you could say to improve your relationship, if you could do it right now.  Take responsibility, write a letter telling them that you love them and that you wish them well.  Let go of blame and be filled with forgiveness.  You never have to mail the letter, but you will release yourself from having to carry around tough things from the past.

I hope these suggestions will help you have a wonderful, healthy and joyful holiday season!