Tuesday, December 29, 2009

taking an online class

I decided to take an online class and figured why not University of Phoenix? They had 400,000 students last year, so they must be doing something right.

When I studied at Fairfield U 500 years ago, I only took two business courses, so I guess it was time for another. It will be interesting to see how I handle studying and interacting online instead of in a classroom. The course itself, Business Law, should be interesting.

I am nervous. I had difficulty even just learning how to post a message. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The moment I take a breath

Today was a charmed day. No, really. I worked from home today, which means that I work, but I also run the errands I never get to run when I am not in my own neighborhood. I live in NJ. I work in White Plains, except for my practice in NJ and NYC, which is specifically according to appointment only. What this short diatribe really means is that I am almost never at liberty to roam about my hometown.

That changed today, and I ran into two friends, completely randomly, and decided to stop in on two others. How lucky am I? Very. How long has it been since I have seen any of them? Way too long.

Christmastime really is magical. What better gift could there be than running into one of my best friends on the planet and picking up as if we just saw each other yesterday. Startling my other friend on the bank line out of the blue. Priceless.

Stopping by on two other friends, because I miss them all so much.

Call or visit a friend today. What a gift we are to each other. Thank you!

Time to Make the Cookies - What's the secret ingredient for success - Just do it.

I must say this every Christmastime - "I feel rushed; it's all happening so fast; I'll never get the cards done"....ad nauseum. My apologies in advance.

One thing I always manage to get done is cookies. Over the years we have managed to squeak out 5-10 varieties of lovely Christmas cookies, no matter what. I really don't know how.

Well, yes, I guess I do. Just do it. Hello, Nike? I hear you need a new spokesperson.

I consult my daughters and ask them what kinds of cookies they want, ask them if they want to participate. I purchase all of the ingredients so they are in the house. I don't wait until a special time to make the cookies. If I know I have 2 hours in a row to complete a couple of batches, I do it. I prep and save ingredients so I can just throw everything together at the last minute. I know it is nauseating how organized I am. However, it is truly for a good cause - my stomach. I also think of others - that's true. Christmas would not be Christmas without cookies.

Ask me when I got my holiday cards out last year (Dec 28), the year before that (Dec 31), year before that - not - etc, etc. What is that giant pile of paperwork on my desk? Who haven't I called back? Sorry, I was creaming ingredients. Tis the season. What would Ina Garten do?

Friday, December 11, 2009

That Christmas Feeling

We've begun decorating the house for Christmas. When the children were still at home, we would whirl from holiday to holiday, and our home would always be decorated to celebrate some special occasion. Not so anymore. However, Christmas is still very special, a magical time of year.

In this bare bones economy, it is even more important to me to keep true to those times of joy with family and friends. The real gift is the gift of each other. We decided to light up the house a bit outside this year, with some extra lights here and there. It has been fun watching them glow at night!

The truth is, after all of the above platitudes (which are my truth), my other favorite way to enjoy Christmas is through fun songs, movies, videos. The South Park Christmastime in Hell is one of my favorites (sorry - just can't help myself).

My favorite video so far this year is one that our dear friend Melina (she just turned 21, shout out!) forwarded through Facebook. I love it and am sharing it here.


(It is written and directed by John Roberts, directed by Clay Weiner, edited by Jesse Reisner, DP Drew Denicola. A mom and her christmas tree.) It has been making me smile every day since Melina sent it. Awesome and hilarious. Merry, merry............