Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The moment I take a breath

Today was a charmed day. No, really. I worked from home today, which means that I work, but I also run the errands I never get to run when I am not in my own neighborhood. I live in NJ. I work in White Plains, except for my practice in NJ and NYC, which is specifically according to appointment only. What this short diatribe really means is that I am almost never at liberty to roam about my hometown.

That changed today, and I ran into two friends, completely randomly, and decided to stop in on two others. How lucky am I? Very. How long has it been since I have seen any of them? Way too long.

Christmastime really is magical. What better gift could there be than running into one of my best friends on the planet and picking up as if we just saw each other yesterday. Startling my other friend on the bank line out of the blue. Priceless.

Stopping by on two other friends, because I miss them all so much.

Call or visit a friend today. What a gift we are to each other. Thank you!

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