Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Time to Make the Cookies - What's the secret ingredient for success - Just do it.

I must say this every Christmastime - "I feel rushed; it's all happening so fast; I'll never get the cards done" nauseum. My apologies in advance.

One thing I always manage to get done is cookies. Over the years we have managed to squeak out 5-10 varieties of lovely Christmas cookies, no matter what. I really don't know how.

Well, yes, I guess I do. Just do it. Hello, Nike? I hear you need a new spokesperson.

I consult my daughters and ask them what kinds of cookies they want, ask them if they want to participate. I purchase all of the ingredients so they are in the house. I don't wait until a special time to make the cookies. If I know I have 2 hours in a row to complete a couple of batches, I do it. I prep and save ingredients so I can just throw everything together at the last minute. I know it is nauseating how organized I am. However, it is truly for a good cause - my stomach. I also think of others - that's true. Christmas would not be Christmas without cookies.

Ask me when I got my holiday cards out last year (Dec 28), the year before that (Dec 31), year before that - not - etc, etc. What is that giant pile of paperwork on my desk? Who haven't I called back? Sorry, I was creaming ingredients. Tis the season. What would Ina Garten do?

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  1. :-) I plan on taking advantage of this development in a few days.

    Also - "creaming."