Saturday, July 3, 2010

Forensic Hypnosis

What is forensic hypnosis? It is the process of utilizing hypnosis to access your own mind to remember something that that you have forgotten, but that you know is in there.

Down the shore watching a rerun of House. He has amnesia and is being hypnotized so he can remember something important that he has forgotten. It was so nice to see hypnosis portrayed in a positive light. He simply remembered what he needed to, without any negative posturing in the script, or lack of belief. It is what it is. Hypnosis can work when you need to remember something.

One caveat - if there is something significant you may have forgotten, it is often the mind protecting you from something you may be better off forgetting. This is a complicated discussion better left for another blog, or, even more carefully, a discussion with a professional you trust! An even more complicated discussion revolves around repressed memories and false memories.

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