Sunday, May 23, 2010

Painfully shy otherwise known as Social Anxiety?

I usually do fine speaking with people and meeting new people. I often have to go out to various functions, walking into rooms full of people I do not know. However, I went to a function today, Sunday, and really did not want to go in by myself. My Dad was supposed to join me but he had not yet arrived. Luckily, a couple I am friends with were also going to join me, and after waiting outside for about 15 minutes, they arrived at the function. I was very glad to see them. After waiting outside a few more minutes for my dad, I called him and found out that he wasn't joining us, as he had overslept, and I went inside to join my friends.

Maybe it was because it wasn't a work function that I felt like I had a choice about whether to mix with others. I'm not sure. I was just very happy that I didn't have to be there by myself. Once I got inside with my friends I felt better and had a good time.

When I work with clients, I feel as if I have deep understanding as I continue to struggle with some of the same challenges that they do. So my advice for others is, be gentle with yourself, hang in there and do the best you can.