Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Immune System is an amazing thing - but once in a while we turn into the goose

We all seek balance in our lives.  Sometimes it eludes us.  Recently, I've had more responsibilities put upon me.  My dad is sick, work has gotten busier, and I think it begins to take a little more energy to balance it all.  Sometimes the balance tips and a body needs a rest.

I know, from being a mind body spirit practitioner, that all are connected, but just like my clients, I forget, or think I am immune to immune suppression due to overwork and stress.  The spirit is strong, but the body needs a break!  Well, none of us are immune.  Rest that body, let go of stress as much as you can, and get help letting go of stress that is daunting to duck. 

Well, we can duck and duck and duck, but once in a while, it is duck duck goose.  We turn into the goose.  We need rest to become human again.  Get some rest!

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