Friday, April 9, 2010

Games and real life

I recently had a young client tell me about her gaming fun in a game, played on the internet with others. She is very attached to this game and meets friends there. They have avatars and it is very interactive and action packed. She spends as much time as she can there and misses it when she is not there. I wanted to understand more about virtual reality and playing these interactive games.

Coincidentally, one of my Facebook friends invited me to a facebook based game called Fish World. About a week ago I decided to play Fish World, which, while it is very simple, it is fun. I am actually surprised at just how much time I wanted to spend playing with my fish, acquiring new fish, training new fish, sending gifts to my Fish World friends. In fact, right now, while blogging to you, I am thinking about going back to feed my fish.

Playing this game has given me some perspective on how internet based games can fill a void, or provide real social interaction in a virtual world. My fish world friends and I send each other gifts and clean tanks and feed each other's fish a treat. I tell my fish world friends how nice their tanks look.

While this interaction cannot replace real life relationships and fresh air, it does provide us an opportunity to interact with others, be kind and thoughtful, and learn strategies for success and problem-solving.

Interesting, but I'm still spending too much time on the fish! Here is a link to another blog that discusses Fish World.

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  1. I had to add a comment my cousin Ray added when I posted my blog on my facebook page:

    "I'm not sure i agree MB. The amount of time I have witnessed J. on farmville prior to getting her current job was a little unnerving. Hours spent on that application to the point it bothered me on many levels. The biggest issue i had was that there was limited to almost no outside social interaction during this time and barely moving from her comfy spot in the living room. It reminded me of my friend XXX who was on permanent disability from the Marines back in the 90's. He would spend all day playing a PC game called "Doom" from the time he woke up at noon, until retiring at 1 or 2am. He barely spoke to anyone during this "fad" phase he was going thru. It's almost like being a shut-in.

    I have recently blocked a few friends farmville and mafia wars updates because they spend so much time on them I was constantly being bombarded by there updates requesting me to feed something or click on something because they needed more ahingles for their barn roof.

    This whole situation reminds me of when Bill Shatner hosted SNL and they parodied a Star Trek convention where "Captain Kirk" took the stage, looked out amongst the sea of fake Spocks and Chekovs and said "People, get a life already"...