Thursday, July 7, 2011

Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization and Honoring your Soul's Intent

Though my blogs are so often about nurturing, self help, and self discovery, it has come to mind so often, especially in the past few months, regarding social media marketing, social networking and search engine optimization.  Without getting too philosophical or stretching the limits too much, aren't we still talking about communicating effectively and persuasively?  And, more importantly, isn't that what so many of us are striving for, frustrated by and working on, namely, communicating with others, and being heard?  Further, though our lives are not about being accepted and being a part of the bigger scheme of things, don't we also look to find a place that is comfortable for us, where we have people who understand us, and where we can serve our life's purpose, our soul's intent on this planet, so we can be happy, find our bliss?
Now we have jumped from the internet to the soul.  A bit scary, perhaps, but not so weird, after all.  To take it even a bit further, does anyone remember that song by Joan Osborne, "What if God Was One of Us"?  "...just a stranger on a bus trying to make his way home"...  I always loved this, as we often see the divine by looking into the eyes (or dreams or conversation) of another person.  Does the same hold true when we post, blog, text, chat?
Look for it, and be it.

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