Wednesday, January 16, 2013

To Juice, To Exercise - How do you fit them both in and around work and the rest of my life?

I'll think and I'll drink.

My sisters gave me a slow juicer for my birthday, and I have become a juicing fool!  I'll let you know if I think I feel better - too early to tell.  So far, I have spent the time I normally spend on exercise on making wonderful new juices, so its a break even to date.

The unmentioned item is actually getting to work and working a normal day as well.  If I can manage to work in both juicing and exercise around my regular work schedule, I think I'll get somewhere.  I've blogged about juicing before, and have tried the Blue Print Cleanse (spans across the USA) and Organic Avenue (NYC based) juices.  I love them both but it is quite an investment to purchase.  Blue Print does say it best - we think, you drink.  It takes some effort to bring in the veggies and fruit, choosing the combos, cleaning the juicer and storing everything properly.  Having had both companies' juices, they are of equally wonderful, fresh quality.  Blue Print has been in the "ship and cleanse" business a bit longer, so they have their system down just a bit better than Organic Avenue.  On the other hand, when I received my Organic Avenue juices, a simple call to their customer care line sent me on my way with complete instructions on how to drink the juices for maximum benefit. 

So far, I have made a wonderful cashew milk (my new favorite indulgence), beet carrot parsley kale apple spinach juice, pineapple apple mint (yum) and carrot apple ginger.  Keep the juices cold, drink them cold or cool and within 2448 hours, ideally.  The trick is finding the time to get healthy.  So what else is new?  Gotta do it!

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