Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Secondhand Smoke

A little anecdotal information about secondhand smoke - just in case it can help someone.  My Dad is a cigar smoker.  (Info on the dangers of cigar smoking here.)  Usually, my exposure to secondhand smoke is limited, but while vacationing together, I have been the recipient of quite a bit of secondhand smoke.  It is hard for me to believe this, but after just a few days I have a scratchy throat, dizziness, a bad headache, a heaviness in my chest and nauseousness.  This is just after a few days.   I am bringing this up not to get anyone to feel sorry for me!  I just want to let smokers know that their smoking can profoundly affect others, even if the exposure is limited.  The research on the effects of smoking are profound, as are the effects on others who are exposed to secondhand smoke. 

The bedroom I am staying in is upstairs above the TV room, and I have a fan going and the windows open, and a towel under the door, but the smoke still makes it in.  For those parents who think they are protecting their kids with the same types of precautions, think again.  Smoke rises, smoke is a vapor that can permeate smaller spaces than we can, so the logical things we might do to block smoke may not be good enough.

Ready to quit smoking?  Call me (201-394-2319 - I am an hypnotherapist/psychotherapist who specializes in smoking cessation) or get this book or enroll in Allen Carr's Easy Way.

Do it now.

PS - I finally got up the nerve to tell my Dad about how the cigar smoke is making me feel and he apologized and put it out! I should have told him before!!

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