Sunday, April 7, 2013

What nice feelings and realizations at the end of yoga class today!

At the end of yoga class today with Camille Monro at Room to Breathe Yoga in HoHoKus, NJ, we were asked to assume the savasana, or corpse pose, which is lying on your back, keeping eyes closed, staying quiet and still, and breathing gently. Camille covered us up with cozy blankets and asked us to receive. Today's reception was a bit busy. Camille asked us to invite our deceased loved ones in, and my mother, Jeanne, and Grandmother, Bunny immediately popped into my mind and heart, very close. They were both there to assure me that loved ones who are very sick are already being cared for by them. Then I focused in on those two ill loved ones and sure enough, they are open and are receiving from Jeanne and Bunny. Sometimes the gap between life and death can take time, so we never really know when we are going to leave our body, but it was comforting to me to become aware of these particular transitions, even if they are only in my own mind and heart.

My suggestion to help those who are very ill is simple. Send them as much love as you can muster, whether near or remotely. They will feel it. How do I know? I know and I can feel the love of those who have passed, or who are alive but no longer in my life. They are alive in my heart. I feel it.

This does not negate missing those who have passed, nor does it negate the despair or sadness about loved ones who are very ill, but it does give us something positive to focus on. As we send love, we receive love, and it helps ease the pain.

Ultimately, regular quiet time can be helpful to each of us. Gentle, guided practice can gently ease your own pain and serve the needs of others. For those reading this, please know that I am not trying to tell you I know how you feel. I am not discounting the size of your pain, but know that I am sending you my unconditional love and hope for your strength and healing.

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