Saturday, February 14, 2015

Getting on the Paleo Bandwagon - strap in!

Everyone is getting on the Paleo bandwagon.  While I am not doing that, I do enjoy a good Waldorf salad, and concocted this one, which can be paleo friendly.  While I don't want to put the pressure on, as my sis Jenn and I will say (no pressure) is Eat and Enjoy - I Command It!

The pounding can be therapeutic, too.

Asian Waldorf Chicken salad (can be made Paleo style)
Combine in a medium bowl
1 chicken breast pounded, salt and peppered, grilled and cut up in bite-sized pieces (pound with a pounding mallet or a Fred Flinstone-like implement)
1/2-1 apple cored and cut up
2 stalks celery chopped 
1/4 cup walnuts or other nuts chopped (if you wish)

For sauce - combine in small bowl and whisk till smooth
1 tablespoon Paleo mayo
2 teaspoons ponzu (or teriyaki coconut aminos for paleo)
1-2 teaspoons white miso
1/8 teaspoon Siracha or to your liking
(You can also add some chopped cilantro if you love it like I do!)

Pour sauce over chicken ingredients and toss well

Serve over your favorite greens.  I like chopped arugula.
Refrigerate leftovers or feed to your pet dinosaur. 

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