Sunday, April 26, 2015

Amazing message from my mom, Jeanne

My beautiful mother, Jeanne, passed away in 1999. My girls, Jess and Julia, were young teens and Mom was the center of the family universe. Some people say that their loved ones visit in dreams or through signs once they pass, and my mom has sent coins, tails up, since a few days before she died.  She had a very subtle sense of humor, great compassion for others and was very shy. He was also very beautiful and had an incredible sense of style. We all have some of her gifts and qualities, but Jeanne was the whole deal.

This morning my husband Jim and I were snipping at each other, as we partners sometimes do. I needed to take some items out of the trunk of his car, (board games that needed to be put away) and that started it. 

Anyway, we carried the games down to the basement and I opened the small closet door to tuck them away. There was one thing that needed to move from the small closet to the bigger closet in order to fit everything, so I opened the bigger closet door.  

After I put away the small thing, I began looking to see if there was anything I needed from that closet. 

My eyes landed on a small pile of things to the right at eye level.  In the pile were the following things that I noticed:  a box of thank you notes that we sent to friends and loved ones along with a bunch of prayer cards that went in the envelope, all with her name on it "the family of Jeanne, etc". There was a blank writing journal that must have belonged to my daughter, Jess, little baby booklets for each of my girls that the pediatrician filled out during each of their first year, a little safe child booklet with one of my daughter's photos (Julia) when she was about 10, and a Valentine's Day card from Mom and Dad, signed by Mom, to me and my husband.   Oh yes, the last thing was an empty little angel stand that had several wire holders for photos. (Jess, Julia and I just had pictures taken yesterday). 
After crying a bit, because I still miss my mom a lot, I realized that she was sending us a very specific message of love and encouragement, to each and every one of us individually. 

Julia's message was for safety and love, reminding her that she is so beautiful and precious, encouragement to Jessica with the journal, reminding her that she still has so much life to write about, and to keep on going, and to remind me and my husband that she misses and loves us too and that my father loves us too. The valentines card was especially loving, and the thank you cards a prayer from Jeanne to all of us. 

It was such a clear message that I think it is for all of us that love her; friends, family and loved ones, as she is sending that love and thanks to each of you, and a specific message to me, Jim, Jess and Julia today. 

So, all I can say today is thank you so much, Mom!!  I will always love you so much.

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