Monday, January 18, 2010

Oprah again?

Whether you love her or have had enough of her, this particular campaign is something I can believe in.

In a recent web piece ( January 18 ) Oprah is asking us not to use the phone or text while driving. It is so tempting to multitask, but the statistics on phone related auto accidents are too much to ignore. I am actually going to make that pledge today.

I’m not the type to advocate for legislation to get us to do or not do much of anything, but if we all just stop, there won’t be a need for legislation, right?

MADD’s website was quoted “Twenty-eight percent of traffic accidents occur when people talk on cellphones or send text messages while driving, according to a study released Tuesday by the National Safety Council. The vast majority of those crashes, 1.4 million annually, are caused by cellphone conversations, and 200,000 are blamed on text messaging, according to the report from the council, a nonprofit group recognized by congressional charter as a leader on safety.”

During the Valentine’s season, arrive alive. We love you!

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