Sunday, March 21, 2010

Guided Regression and Radio Program

More past life regression information, if you feel so inclined. Rockland World Radio hosts a program featuring my colleagues and friends Anton Bluman, Rory Pinto and Paul Lamb, New Perspectives, every Thursday evening at 6pm. I was their guest a couple of weeks ago. The program focused on past life regression. We discussed what someone might experience, as well as background on what we sometimes discover and why people participate in a regression. In other words, okay, what's in it for me?

We might regress in order to learn more about ourselves, our health, our emotions, our psychological patterns, pain in our body we can't explain or heal, reconnect with talents and abilities, to understand or release ourselves from promises or pacts that no longer serve us, and relationship issues. Though the experience itself may be either vivid or mundane, it is the result that is important. We may gain understanding or relief; physical, emotional, intellectual or spiritual; healing, and so on. Please give a listen if you have an extra hour or so. The regression is about 20 minutes into the show (and the first two minutes are chanting, if you can wait it out!). Hope you enjoy. Would love to hear your experience! Click here for the regression. Choose the March 4 program link. The link may not work in Mozilla Firefox and may need to be opened in Microsoft Internet Explorer or another browser.

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