Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just had a chance to see Michael Jackson This Is It last night. It was a very powerful statement to the fact that he still had so much creativity within him. I had never been a tremendous fan, even though I love his music. Watching his creative process was incredible, a real gift that gave me insight that led me to believe that he was taken too early. I thought about one of my favorite movies, or actually a movie that has been made three times; "Here Comes Mr. Jordan", then remade as "Heaven Can Wait" two times. In the recent theme of my blogs, past lives, regressions, progressions, why we come into the lives we are in, I do believe that people have unfinished business, that they are sometimes taken too soon, and that they come back. I do not believe we have heard the last of Michael Jackson and his amazing talent. It will stretch throughout his lifetimes, maybe again sooner than we might think. Here is one of his most recent songs, "Earth Song".


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