Saturday, October 15, 2011

Change Your Life with Meditation and Therapy - How Do You Like That?

As a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist in private practice, I witness the positive effects of indivuals participating in their own wellness.  They feel better, in so many ways.  It was nice to come across two articles which bear out this notion.

Essentially, two articles, from two different modalities, talk therapy and meditation, both laud the positive effect of regular, positive reinforcement of the brain, whether in passive, mindful moments like meditation, or in active participation in talk therapy.   Interestingly, this idea, or practice, supports the notion that positive thoughts, actions and feelings do have a positive effect on an individual's mental health.  And we all know that when mental health is optimal, it has a positive effect on emotional well-being, intellectual prowess and even physical health.

Click here to read Dr Melanie Greenberg's great article on the positive effects of meditation, entitled Changing Your Brain To Change Your Mind

And a more clinical but just as encouraging article from Psychiatric Times (August 11, 2011) entitled How Psychotherapy Changes the Brain, for relief from depression, anxiety and the like. Visit my page on twitter to link to the article - #mbdelbalzo

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