Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Power of Prayer

I know this post may not suit everyone, but it is my truth.  I had decided to post about my recent experience with cancer screening (or as i prefer to call it, prevention screening) as my mother passed early, age 61, from ovarian cancer, after struggling with it and with breast cancer before.
I was fortunate enough to meet with a genetic counselor and a doctor in the clinical genetics service of Memorial Sloan Kettering, or as they prefer, MSK.  I was advised to step up my screening and cautioned that breast MRIs sometimes give false positives.  In fact, after meeting with a breast surgeon at MSK, she said that 15% of cases are false negatives.  At that point, I began praying for one of those false negatives.  I got my prayer answered.  After the NJ radiologist said that I needed an MRI biopsy, the MSK doctors disagreed and said that my MRI was perfectly normal and that I need a follow up in 6 months.  Thank you!!

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