Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dream Big

What do you consider to be a big dream?  Dream it, imagine it, believe it. It can be so. Is it easy?  Sometimes does it take hard work?  Sometimes - I mean usually!  I was sitting in a meeting last Wednesday, listening to the coming to fruition of a dream of two years, fashioned by a colleague of mine. It was truly inspiring to see you it had all grown, bloomed, and is continuing to grow into an even bigger dream than imagined.

In that moment, at 8:30 Wednesday morning, I was inspired to dream big. My plan?  It hasn't all come to me yet. Will this dream take hard work? Yes. Am I willing to work hard?  I always am. Can I ask for help?  Definitely. Will I?  Yes. 

I actually have two dreams. One is for my professional life, which will benefit everyone around me, and the other is for my family and loved ones, and for global, universal peace.  More to come.

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