Saturday, June 16, 2012

almost time for my procedure

As i move closer to my actual surgery, i find myself thinking about my "last day".  I am not allowed to eat anything tomorrow but i have to drink a lot of water.  I feel like this is my first last day on earth.  What did i decide to do?  Jim and i went to Legal Seafood.  It was good.  I also cooked some good food for Father's Day, ran some errands, answered some emails, talked to a couple of friends and coworkers.  I feel like it is a reenactment of "On The Beach" in which the protagonist finds himself growing nostalgic wondering if it is the last time he would have various experiences or visit with loved ones, before the end of the world. 

While i will see everyone tomorrow as well celebrate Father's Day at my home, I find myself preoccupied with this upcoming event.

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