Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mom is here

I have been blogging lately about my decision to have preventative surgery, based on my mom, Jeanne's struggle with ovarian cancer.  Mom passed away 12 years ago.  Over the years, my father has given me and my siblings keepsakes that belonged to my mom.  Not long after she passed away, he gave me a purple mesh makeup case, with nothing in it but a name take that was imprinted with HELLO MY NAME IS and my mom had written her name underneath, Jeanne. I have kept it, for a dozen or so years, in my kit that I take out every morning when I am getting ready which includes many, many items such as deoderant, toothpaste, tweezers, contact lenses and solution, cuticle scissors, travel sizes of my face wash, shampoo, and on and on.  Once in a while I take out the name tag and just look at it.

On the morning of my pre-admission testing, last Tuesday, I got out the kit, as usual, and at one point it tipped over, into the tub (dry, thank goodness).  What fell out, for the first time ever?  My mom's name tag and a few band-aids.  Pretty amazing to me.  Thanks, Mom.  My husband happened to be in the bathroom at the same time and i picked it up and showed it to him.  He said "your mom wants you to know that she is with you, Mary".  Talk about getting hit over the head with something.  Band-aids at the same time?  Healing?  Need of healing?  I'll take it.

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