Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nine Days In - Thumbs Up

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Day nine in my post surgery recovery is a thumbs up!  Reporting on my ongoing experience with recuperation from my procedure has meant being gentle with myself when I am too tired to do the things I normally do,  like go out to dinner, work at my desk or take a walk.  I have enjoyed taking walks with our doggie, Janey.  She has enjoyed them too.  I'll miss having the time to meander and enjoy her company when I am back at work.

 My doctor and his staff have been great in helping me normalize the usual little pains and aches that are common post surgery.  I am not a medicine person, and haven't taken any pain medication since 3 days post surgery.  After speaking with their office today about a little continued discomfort, they encouraged me to take a little acetaminophen or ibuprofen.  I guess I can do that.

Going back to the topic of work, having time to rest has given me some space in my brain to consider what is most important to me.  I continue to keep up with work via phone and email.  I have been spending time with my husband, and my girls, when they are not working.

I realize that I work well no matter where I am, and am considering the possibility of telecommuting one day a week.  I drive to Westchester County, NY from Bergen County, NJ four days a week, and back to my private practice in Bergen County for evening appointments mostly every evening.  I see clients in NJ every Friday all day.  While I love both of my jobs, I began to think about the wear and tear on my body.

I have colleagues who telecommute regularly.  Maybe it is time for me to join the ranks, maybe one day a week.  We will see!

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