Friday, June 22, 2012

Dr. Oz's campaign - Break The Silence on Ovarian Cancer - worth checking out

I am fortunate - I am cancer free and grateful.  However, I feel that part of my Mom's legacy is to help inform others to stay healthy.

This checklist can be a lifesaver - check out Dr. Oz's Break the Silence on Ovarian Cancer website and checklist.  Can be a lifesaver for yourself or a loved one.  Posting in honor of my mom, Jeanne, who would have been 74 this past Wednesday, June 20, but died of ovarian cancer at age 61.  We miss her every day.

Take a look at the checklist.  There are actually a number of warning signs that help you become informed.  If you think you might be at risk, take the checklist to your doctor.  You can ask for the following screening tests:  CA125 blood test, recto-vaginal ultrasound and trans-vaginal ultrasound.  They are easy tests to take, and can help you become informed about the health of your body.

Quoting from Dr. Oz's site, "Too many lives are lost because early warning signs are missed or misdiagnosed. This stops now. Dr. Oz teamed up with the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition to create this vital one-sheet. Print and fill it out, then take it with you to your physician to start the discussion on ovarian cancer."

The earlier a person is diagnosed and properly treated, the better chance for survival.  Some people do not have symptoms.  However, many people do have symptoms, such as bloating, early fullness when eating, pain in the lower abdomen.  Reading and listening to stories about women who experience these symptoms reminded me of my mom, who searched for a couple of years for answers to these symptoms, only to be told that tests were unreliable, that her symptoms were normal symptoms of menopause, etc.  The truth was that she had an early stage of ovarian cancer.  She was not diagnosed until she was at stage four.  Even so, she struggled bravely to survive for almost five years.

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