Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Need for Healing and Restoration

I've had a lot of changes and stress in my life in the past year, and even more in the past month. I'm not complaining; it is just the truth. I'm sure many can relate! As someone who works in the healing professions, you would think that I have a long list of healers with whom I am able to trade sessions. While there are many wonderful healers I work with, I almost never make time for myself.

What does time for myself mean? Taking time to exercise, to breathe and meditate, to write, time for energy work with my friend and colleague Paul Lamb (excellent reiki master, chi gong therapist, reflexologist, massage therapist), regular chiropractic adjustments with my wonderful chiropractor Dr. Eric Santo, occasional chats with my friend and amazing medium and healer Karen Noe, and massage therapy as regularly as I can fit it in!

What is the result? Healing, nurturing and restoration of spirit, physical energy and positive mood. I feel great! My mind is more clear. Pretty good, huh?

It is important for me to work with healers that I trust, which is why I am mentioning their names! In addition, personal growth and self awareness are goals that I prize highly in my healing work.
How can you fit in just a bit of healing and nurturing for yourself today?

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