Friday, June 26, 2009

Whatever Works

I love the new Woody Allen movie. My family will tell you, however, that I say this about each of his movies. The theme behind this particular film is - grab a little happiness whenever and wherever you can. Though this isn't my usual philosophy of life, there are many places that my philosophies intersect with Woody Allen's.

Larry David, creator of Seinfeld, is brilliant as Boris, the lead character. Woody has finally found his guy, and a guy of such stature, at least to my liking. They are both understated and right in your face at the same time. Just the name of David's most recent program, Curb Your Enthusiasm, tells it like it is. He is the perfect protagonist.

Though I love all the earlier funny and later instrospective Allen movies, there was something about Whatever Works that just did it for me. Maybe it was just quintessential Woody - 21 year old girl asks 60-something guy to take pity on her and they fall in love. In the real world - what? In Woody's world, this is standard fare.

I always tell people, when discussing the upbringing of our children, that I raised my girls on Disney and Woody Allen. No apologies, just the straight scoop. They also received sacraments in the Catholic Church as kids, but I thought it was important for them to be able to wander the other side of the fence too.

Broadway Danny Rose was a biggie for our family - Acceptance, Forgiveness and Love. How bad can that be? Go see Whatever Works - laugh and be delighted!

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