Saturday, June 13, 2009

Nothing like a Saturday morning

photo of Janey and Sandy

I love a Saturday morning. When I was working toward my masters, Saturdays meant time for gathering up my assignments and heading to classes. For years before that I worked on Saturday mornings. The M-F work week was the work week, and still is. Now that I have an almost "normal life", Saturday mornings are precious, and mean working out, hanging with the dogs, trying out new recipies. Cooking can be breathing for me. I love being creative, and enjoying the fruits of my labor. I pick up the guitar or sit at the piano and play.

I open the windows and doors and let the dogs run in and out. I make lists of things to do and dream about future plans and vacation possiblities. I reorganize the pantry and look for fruits and veggies I've managed to misplace during the week and add them into our weekend food plans. I reconnect with friends and family I haven't had a chance to spend time with or talk to. I email chat with buddies.

I love Saturdays.

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