Sunday, July 12, 2009

Changing Colors - Just Listen

Have you ever noticed how changing a color can change your mood? About a year or so ago, I worked with a very talented grad of The College of Westchester, Jessica Perilla, who has her own web design studio, JPD Studios, in designing my website. I love it and it makes me happy to look at it. However, I recently decided that I needed to change the colors. It is still the original colors, so if you look at it, you will see that the colors are all light and airy. However, I decided that I wanted it to be warmer, somehow. I decided it as easily as if I had wanted to change outfits. It was a deliberate and swift decision.

I love when inspiration comes quickly and definitively. I was glad, more than anything, that I was listening and felt it as certainty in my bones and in my heart.

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