Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Week of Eating Pizza

I ate pizza three times this week....and i didn't just eat a slice each time, and I did it 3 days in a row. I promise I won't eat it again for a while.

Let me backtrack for a moment. During my last visit with my doctor last winter, he told me I needed to lose 10 pounds. I went to a nutritionist (Elyssa Hurlbutt of Joy Bauer Nutrition) and was wisely advised on how to eat and how much to exercise. I followed the rules and have managed to healthfully drop the weight and keep it off. I feel good, full of energy and have a sense of accomplishment. Pizza is definitely not on the list of preferred foods, though Elyssa has not forbidden any foods, as long as they are in moderation.
Being that I am a bit of a foodie, there are very few foods I would give up, but compromise is okay with me, as long as I get what I want, ultimately. I love Ina Garten, The Barefoot Contessa, but figure ways to get the sugar and butter out of her recipes.
Back to the pizza. So, this week, I stopped walking the walk. On Thursday, I decided I would get a pizza; not to eat it all, but to have a little bit. Thin crust pepperoni - yum. My daughter Julia had some with me, and we watched the finale of The Fashion Show with Issac Mizrahi on Bravo network, sipped a white wine spritzer - just a fun girls night.
However, I ate 3 pieces of pizza. I thought, okay, no problem. I told my husband, who decided, the next night, that it is was his turn to eat pizza with me. This time, thin crust cheese. I ate 3 pieces again. I thought again, okay, get back on the eliptical tomorrow morning and get back on the straight and narrow.
Today, I got on the eliptical, had a small, reasonable breakfast, and went with friends to the Yankee game, where I had planned on having some nice ballpark item to eat that wouldn't be outrageous at the beautiful, new Yankee Stadium. No problem. Except, we were hosting friends. My husband offered to pick up some food at the concession and I accompanied our guests to our seats. I left it to him and guess what he brought me? Wonderful, Famous Familigia Pizza. I kid you not. Two pieces. I ate them. They were good, and not thin crust. Don't get me wrong. I know I could have tossed them. I did not toss them. They were just too good. You do not toss Famous Familigia pizza.
I do not blame my husband. I actually do not blame myself, but plan on enjoying the memory of the Week of Eating Pizza. It was worth it, but I definitely am not getting on the scale for a few days!

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  1. Haha I doubt that you'd see a few pieces of pizza reflected on the scale.

    But I know what you mean—sometimes I have weeks where I eat the same thing for, like, days. That often happens with middle eastern food. Or it's because I make a big batch of something and try to get through it before it goes bad.

    Haha now I'm thinking about the week 'o lentil soup-for-breakfast. I do not miss that string of lab days where it never stopped raining, but that was damn good soup.