Monday, July 27, 2009

Too Hot to Handle

I slip in and out of hot flashes. I just don't understand it. I mean, I do understand the physiology, but not the timing. I can be perfectly fine one moment and the next there is steam emenating from my back. I am not a cold weather person, but I found myself longing for a cold December day in the middle of this currently muggy and hot New Jersey July. I wanted to step outside and plunge my head into a snow drift.

To make matters more difficult, our office building is large and the AC flips back and forth between sauna to cold snap on any given day, or any time of day. I just don't know how to dress. I have begun to dress in layers, but how many layers can you realistically strip off in the middle of a meeting? It might be interesting, or alarming to some, more likely. I would rather keep the unlayering to home.

I console myself with the reminder that aging allows me to become the crone, the wise woman. But how wise do i look while fanning myself furiously or mopping sweat from my brow when the temperature for everyone else is arctic?

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