Friday, February 26, 2010

More Past Life Info

So, I participated in a past life regression session that the esteemed and super sweet Dr. Brian Weiss presented last night, through Hay House Radio. I highly recommend that you seek him out should you be curious or in need of assistance.

He said a lot of important things, such as, this work is a practice, the more you do, the more seeking, the more finding. I truly believe this. He and I both say the same thing - you go where you need to for healing to take place.

Just a bit of background regarding my experience. I am a skilled hypnotherapist and past life regression practitioner. I was taught in the way of Dr. Weiss, and my techniques mirror his. I have also had many past life experiences, led by skilled practitioners, with many wonderful and varied experiences that have shed light on my life and have given me substantial insights to help me in my health, joy and wellbeing.

My experience last night was interesting. Since it was a large radio group, not an in-person group, he led us all without following any particular person's thread. This makes it more fun for me, as I just went where I needed to and got a very deep experience.

He lead us first into a gentle place in childhood. I ended up in my Nanny's kitchen at her butcher's block center island. The meat grinder was set up and her brother, Uncle Eddie, a butcher, walked in with some meat for her. She began grinding the meat and I held the bowl to catch the ground meat. Believe me, this is a comforting place for me that I have gone back to before.

He then led us to the experience of our birth. I had a previous rebirthing experience with one of my teachers, Dr. Rafael Lugay, about 15 years ago, and this experience last night reconfirmed some of the details that I had experienced from a different perspective, as the two modalities are so very different.

I was born in 1959 to a very young mom. I am the oldest of 5 children, and my mom was 20 when I was born. My mom and dad were married when my mom was barely 19. With both of my therapeutic birthing experiences, I experienced an ambivalence and detachment that must be the surreal experience of many new first time mothers, especially in the twilight sleep of the 1950's. As typical for most men in this time period, my dad was not nearby.

In my particular experience, the team whisked me away to the metal table, as I was gasping my first few breaths of air, and cleaned me up. I got the distinct physical sensation of nausea, feeling uncomfortable and jostled, and the nurses' emotional need to make me presentable, and that they were rushing. I was put in warm things and rolled off immediately. My mom did not hold me until hours later. It ended there, but when Dr. Weiss' voice broke through with "feel the love" I just didn't feel it. My mom was knocked out somewhere else and the nurses were just doing their job, part-way into their shift for the day. I was just a job to be done.

I don't feel that this is a negative reflection on my parents, just a statement of a typical birthing experience of the 1950's.

I told my daughter, Jess that this was very typical of a past life regression. I didn't meet Quan Yin or Jesus, but I got what I needed.

Many of the group members were probably led to past life experiences, which I have also experienced in the past. Near the end of the regression, Dr. Weiss suggested that we are given a strand of pearls by one of our soul family, or a guide or teacher, and my strand was very long. He then said that each of the luminous pearls was a past life that can be considered, examined and enjoyed.

I highly recommend the experience. Lastly, I will caution, even as you may be puzzling about how that birthing experience could be beneficial to me, that there is something within that experience that is important to me personally. I can now take some time to consider what it means to me, and how it fits into the experience of my life.


  1. Very cool post! I am fascinated by this.

  2. Love you! Fascinating. Ah, the 50s. We watched "A Baby Story" today (Brent's sister is a doula and he wanted to see what the at-home pool birth was all about). While it looked really painful, the baby's father was in the pool with her and it was moving to see how loving and happy they were. And their mothers were there too, and their young daughter woke up in time just for the birth. It was very sweet.