Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Past Lives - What?

No matter whether you believe that you have a past life, sometimes dreams or memories that don't make sense pop into our minds anyway, or we have pain we just don’t understand. That feeling nags at us because while it may have no place in our life, it still rings true. These bits of information are our subconscious’ way of clearing away things we no longer need by letting us become aware of them, either in a real or metaphorical way. Maybe we meet someone for the first time who we feel like we have met before, or maybe we feel beholden to someone and we just don't know why.

I have worked with hundreds of people over the many years that I have been a hypnotherapist, helping them become aware or bring more light around these thoughts or impressions as they make themselves known. Regression sessions can bring a sense of peace and understanding. Sometimes we get stuck. Regression helps us resolve the past and move forward.

There is a new program on one of the networks called Past Life. While some of the information is authentic in the way past life information intersects with our lives, some is also sensationalized for the benefit of entertainment. For example:

· People do not always come right back after they die

· We do not always experience the past life immediately preceding the life we are experiencing now

· Individuals are usually not disturbed by past life information. In fact, it can be comforting and beneficial

· We do not always feel physical manifestations from that past time, though we can.

· We may or may not remember faces

· Memories are rarely violent or fear provoking. Some are joyful and fulfilling

Here is a little bit about what past life regression is, and how it can help:

Past Life Regression is a powerful tool for recognizing your destiny and fulfilling your deepest desires and needs. It is not necessary to believe in past life regression for it to work for you. Some people understand past lives as a metaphor for past experiences which hold them back from living the fullest life possible now. Shining light on those experiences brings the awareness and understanding, that aha moment, that illuminates the here and now, for joy and fulfillment today. It can also help remove physical maladies that have no basis in this life.

What Is Past Life Regression? Past life regression is an in depth exploration of past lives in which you will experience a journey back to a previous lifetime. It is not based on belief of reincarnation, but more the images, feelings and experiences the come to the surface during a trance state.

Why do we utilize Past Life Regression? We utilize past life regression in order to understand, recognize behaviors and old karmic patterns in order to release ourselves from unhealthy choices, recall many of the gifts and lessons from past lives, and heal through recognition and understanding. Fears, phobias and pain can be understood and released.

What about accessing the time between lives and how does it relate to Past Life Regression? We can access the time between our lives to become aware of our reason for being here on the earth, our soul’s purpose in this lifetime, our life’s work. Release blocks, understand karma, discover what is holding you back and learn conscious exercises to charge the energy centers to accomplish this most fundamental need. Connect with the people who are your supporters in this life and in between lives by becoming aware of who they are. We may have agreed to come into this life together. It is a joyous realization to become aware of these people who are our loved ones, teachers and family.

How many past lives do we have? We are not sure how many lives an individual may have had. Some people don’t believe that we have more than one life. That is okay. The subconscious mind shows us what we need to know, what we will benefit from at any given time, so more may be revealed over time.

Are there people without past lives? We do believe that some people are new souls, making their first journey on the planet.

The books of Dr. Brian Weiss are the seminal studies on past life regression, and highly respected. If you have interest in this topic, start there. His first book, Many Lives, Many Masters is a good book to start with. Or read more at my website.

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