Wednesday, May 6, 2009

4-Square Breathing for Mindfulness and Calm

I've learned several techniques for square breathing. Basically, it is an easy way to help yourself feel calm and bring your thoughts back to the present moment. Awareness is the first step to mindfulness. We can make changes in the present moment and breathing helps us be in the present.
Breathe in for four seconds
Hold breath for four seconds
Release breath for four seconds
Rest for four seconds
Repeat this four times.
That's it.
We often breathe in our throat only. This shallow breathing doen't allow enough oxygen into the lungs. Deeper breathing helps the oxygen circulate throughout our bloodstream, relaxing our muscles, soothing our mind and helping us get renegade thoughts in check, bringing us back to ourselves.

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  1. This is interesting technique to help calm the mind and bring focus. Any suggestions on whether to breath through the nose vs. mouth, and any difference it might make?