Friday, May 8, 2009

Birth of Peace and Creativity

I just got off the phone with a colleague of mine, Anton Bluman, a NeuroBiofedback Therapist. Just trying to set a time to meet, to join him and our two colleagues Rory Pinto, specializing in spiritual Recovery, healing, meditation and guidance, and my dear friend Paul Lamb, reiki master, chi gong therapist, for a return to their fantastic program, New Perspectives, on, was a daunting task. (Check out my last visit to the program at )

I have concluded that life is just too busy! How does this happen? I am mindful in my daily practice, but also usually multitasking. While my weekdays are very full, I promise myself that this weekend I will allow myself at least one hour each day for reflection, meditation and peace.

I already know that I am at my most creative when I give myself the time and space for new ideas and feelings to emerge. If I give myself some time, but not enough time, the ideas remain ungestated in my mind or heart, but nag away at me until I give them the nurturance to bring them to full term, when they joyfully spring forth.

I promise to continue to give myself the space to give birth to myself!

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  1. I love that! "Give birth to myself..." I'm going to go for that too...especially on a day that recongizes how we gave birth to other people :)