Wednesday, May 27, 2009


What is it about Abercrombie? My friend Valerie, while visiting from Paris, had a long list of places to visit, featuring Abercrombie on 5th. What a scene. It is like a giant frat party where you can wear what the other attendees are wearing for a not so small price. Apparently, the prices are more reasonable than the Abercrombie stores in Europe - the outside of the store was lined with Europeans, sitting on the ledge, showing each other their purchases. Valerie and her friends bought a number of items each.

We walked inside the entranceway to a large, dark adonis wearing jeans and no shirt. Yes, he was amazing, but I am so jaded that I just thought of him in terms of the draw, the notoriety, the thought of using the human body to sell clothes in this way. Walk inside and the music is pounding. Humans were further employed to greet shoppers/visitors at the landing of every floor (there are 4) with "Hey, how ya doing" or "what's going on" while dancing to the music, as if you had just arrived at the party and they are interested in you. (The only missing is the Solo Cup.) To top it all off, there is a huge mural on one wall of the staircase, a painting of hardly dressed young men climbing ropes.

Go figure - something for everyone.

I could only handle so much frat party, so I soon joined the other Europeans on the outside ledge. I watched one guy pull a pair of lime green suede shoes out of a bag, shuck off his shoes and try on the new ones. I just couldn't believe he got them at Abercrombie.

It is interesting that Abercrombie sells clothes using semi clad people. Maybe the idea is if you buy these clothes you won't have to keep them on for long.

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