Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sugar Blues

When people visit my hypnotherapy practice because they want to lose weight, one of the first things I ask them is, how much sugar do you eat? We talk a bit about our relationships with food, especially sugar. I suggest they read the book Sugar Blues, which was written by author William Dufty in the mid 1970's and is still in print.

Sugar, specifically table sugar or sucrose, is found in so very many items. Also, corn syrup, another sugar, is found in so very many things. (Check out Jess Del Balzo's blog; for more info.) Fruit sugar, fructose, is another sugar that pops up very often.

Dufty talks about our relationship with sugar, the sugar industry, how sugar affects our bodies, and how we can change our relationship with sugar for benefits. He discusses the difference between refined and natural sugars. (Kind of the difference between Pop-Rocks and an apple.)

We will always find sugar in the things we ingest, but mindfulness helps us be aware of when and how we choose to ingest it.

Sugar Blues refers to the downward physical spiral that occurs after we ingest sugar. The body uses its energy to digest and process the sugar, leaving less energy for other activities like exercises, work, focus. It also refers to the emotional down that sugar can create.

I am not a nutritionist nor a doctor. I am not suggesting that you "give up" sugar. Just become aware of what you eat. This suggestion is not for everyone, just for people who cannot quite figure out why they drag after they eat Funny Bones, or puzzle as to why their coffee with a couple of teaspoons of sugar doesn't give them the boost they were hoping for, or for folks who crave sugar. Dufty's book is in paperback at

Check it out.

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