Friday, May 29, 2009

Detachment and Loneliness

I have been doing a lot of detaching this week, which has been an adjustment for me. I have worked with a number of people for several years now, and while staying with the same organization, am going to be working on new projects and am letting go of most of my other responsibilities. While it is freeing from a creativity and work flow perspective, I hadn't stopped to think about the human element until we actually made the shift. I now work with one other person, instead of 16. It is strange for me.

I did field work for a long time, which was a lonely gig, but I got used to the solitude. Now I am not alone, but feel like I have sent my children off, out of the nest, except that they are still all in the nest and I have left. It is a strange place to be.

I guess I am outside of my comfort zone. I'm taking some time to just be with it and settle in. It is not a bad place, just a place I haven't been to in a while.

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