Saturday, May 30, 2009

On My Way Home - Healing Home

What exactly is home? Billy Joel says home is just another word for you. The Beatles can't find their way back home, or are on their way home. It got me thinking about home. Where exactly is home? And why do we want to be there? Why does it elude us?
Home can be a place or a metaphor. Home is a place where people want to be, or they want to leave home. Home can be a place that restricts growth or a place of nuturing and restoration.

What do I want home to be? Home can be wherever I am. If we think of home from a mindfulness place, home IS where I am. First we have to acknowledge the I am, that I can be, I have a right to be. Then notice how you feel when you start thinking about home. Is it a good feeling? Grow that feeling. Is it a negative feeling? Replace it with a good feeling. We have a right to be home in a good place.

Home is the place we each create for ourselves. We can create home in whatever way we want.

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