Saturday, May 23, 2009

I happen to have Marshall McLuhan right here....

Complete this sentence: "If I was a six foot tall white male in a suit...people would believe me when I talk...or...I would be trusted to know what I actually know." The way of corporate America, still today in 2009! I recently hired my social media expert daughter, who happens to be 4'11" and is 23 but looks 14, to work on our social media strategic plan with us. She knows far more than the rest of us 40 and 50-somethings about google adwords, organic positioning, blogging, and social networking. She has been blogging consistently since she was about 15, and ghostwrites blogs for other professionals, as well as advising on social media, inquiries and web hits. She is also very well spoken. You get the picture.

In a meeting the other day, Jess was indirectly dissed by one of "us". When I asked her to explain her expertise, I was reminded of that scene in Annie Hall, when Woody Allen's and Diane Keaton's characters are standing behind a local Columbia University Professor who is pontificating about Marshall McLuhan. When Woody's character can't stand it anymore, he brings Marshall McLuhan from behind a column in the movie theater line. McLuhan then lambastes the prof for his lack of knowledge and puts him in his place, speechless - one of my favorite scenes of all time. This was the emotion I felt when Jessica gave her very brief, demure yet powerful explanation of her expertise.

Ah, proud mama!

Here's hoping for more of those Marshall McLuhan moments for all of us.

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